Our Story


About Kebab Halebi

When you walk into Kebab Halebi, the distinct savory aroma will immediately conjure up memories of your childhood and the warm family environment that served a remarkable home-cooked meal. It is as if you were right at home. That is because Kebab Halebi is more than just your average Middle Eastern restaurant.

Our restaurant has a rich family history that goes back for several generations. Our grandfather George Ghadanian was determined to pass down what he had learned from his uncles when it came to cooking delicious Syrian delicacies. It was something that required dedication and mastery. Waking up at dawn every morning, Grandpa George would select the freshest produce and top-notch meat in order to prepare the food before the cooking began. It is during the preparation process that our food receives its rich flavor and aroma that leaves a deep impression with our customers. This process has been venerated within our family for decades especially when the family moved to Southern California.

It was important to continue honoring our tradition in order to best serve our customers when we opened our first restaurant in the United States. Our patrons not only found this to be refreshing in a city where profits are valued above all else, but distinguished and honest as well.

Its rich history goes back generations in the beautiful countryside of Aleppo, Syria where our forefathers have mastered the culinary arts and passed down the techniques of cooking succulent, divine meals. It is no secret that we hand-pick only the finest meats and seasonings that are necessary to create the uniquely appetizing taste that keep our customers coming back for more. But our exquisite food isn't the only reason our customers remain highly satisfied with Kebab Halebi. 

Our outstanding spirited service makes our customers feel like they are one of our own. It is this warm family environment that has fueled the spirit and excitement of Kebab Helabi and will continue to do so for generations to come. So if you have never been to our wonderful restaurant, come by and explore a unique restaurant experience that will make you feel right at home.